Did you know that every November 17th is National Unfriend Day?

It’s true. Jimmy Kimmel, the late-night TV host, established National Unfriend Day a few years back.

You’d think it’s a total joke, since he’s a comedian. But it’s a little deeper than you might think…

One point I found interesting is that so many people are deeply (and subconsciously) affected by everything they see their “friends” post online.

We’re flooded with the thoughts, perspectives, highs, and lows of so many peoples’ lives every day…

…so much that it affects how we feel about our lives.

Many of the people who are affecting how we feel, aren’t even true, actual friends. They’re not people we know that well, or care about. They’re not people we should let affect how we feel, or how we live.

So, this National day encourages us to shed some of our many online friends — to keep the true and good friends…but “unfriend” those who aren’t.

This is also good advice whenever you’re buying or selling a house!

The minute you breathe a word that you are doing either, everyone you know or meet wants to chime in with their real estate thoughts, perspectives, and advice. They want to tell you how great they did when they bought or sold.

Or how horrible an experience it was for them…

It helps to “unfriend” people when you’re buying or selling a house. While everyone has an opinion, the most worthwhile perspectives, advice, and opinions you should listen to are from your truest, best friend in real estate…


I say that tongue-in-cheek, but seriously, listening to the wrong advice can be detrimental when buying or selling a home.

I’d consider it a privilege to put my knowledge and experience to work for you if you’re considering moving.