Who knows how we’d live if it weren’t for our veterans? They serve and fight so we can live freely.

But, did you know that veterans are the reason why so many of us live where and how we live?

They’re literally the reason why so many people live in “suburbs”. While mass transit made it possible, veterans played a large part in suburbs developing.

Right after World War II, many suburbs were built to offer veterans affordable homes and with the baby boom underway the need for more spacious houses was widely felt.

These suburbs have, over the past 70-plus years, largely defined our own Region of Waterloo and characterize the broad, leafy streetscapes we know and love today.

In fact, some of the areas where our market has experienced the greatest growth in values over recent years have been in neighbourhoods consisting mainly of postwar housing.  Areas like Rosemount and Vanier in Kitchener, and the Union and Margaret area which straddles the border between Kitchener and Waterloo are packed with solidly-built bungalows on large lots – perfect for inlaw suites or legal duplexes, and a very hot commodity right now!

So, thank you to all of our veterans today, and every day. It’s because of you that we can live freely — where and how we choose to live — in more ways than we even think about.