Real Estate

June 2024 Real Estate Market Update

The average selling price for residential properties has dropped by 5.8% since June 2023, with detached homes seeing the largest decline at 10.3%. This indicates a softer market overall. However, this could mean better opportunities...
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May 2024 Real Estate Market Update

These figures provide insight into the fluctuating market conditions and the varying trends across different types of residential properties in the Waterloo Region.Please reach out to me or your Realtor to discuss further insight.
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April 2024 Real Estate Market Update

April’s statistics suggest a stable real estate market, with a slight uptick in home sales and modest price changes. The notable increase in available homes provides more choices for buyers, potentially offering them better negotiating...
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February 2024 Real Estate Market Update

Although home sales are still well below historical norms for February, they are up over last year’s record-breaking low and are predicted to continue to increase over the next few months. This is mainly due...
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