I’m sure you’ve heard the argument…

Someone says, “Happy New Years!!!”… with an “S” at the end.

And then someone goes and corrects them…

It’s not plural. It’s just Happy New Year!…no “S”

But really, either way it’s fine by me. It’s the sentiment… not how someone says it to me.

So, if the “S” at the end makes you cringe… I wish you a very Happy New Year, and may your 2019 bring you happiness, health and wealth.

However, if you like it with the “S” …Happy New Years to you, and may 2019 bring you happinesss, healths, and wealths.

Hmmmm… I’m starting to think maybe there is a benefit to putting an “S” at the end of Happy New Year… LOL!


Your Real Estate Resource,
Miranda O’Sullivan  |  Broker

P.S. You know what else I like an “S” at the end of…the word “referral”! But even one referral would be great! So, if you or anyone you know is buying or selling a home in 2019, please refer(s) them to me!