I know that over the next few months you are going to feel like you are being bombarded by so many people asking you for donations, money, time, help…all sorts of “things” that others “need” and I’m sure at times, you probably stop and think to yourself…there is only so much you can give before you SNAP due to the overwhelming amounts of requests coming in…and I can appreciate that.  As a mother of two, wife, full-time career woman, Rotarian, volunteer, event organizer (just to name a few), my time is precious (as is yours) and there is only so much $$ one can donate, especially around the time of year where our time is even more valuable and limited and our wallets seem to always be on empty!  So I’m posting this request, to not make you feel guilty or drained, but to offer you a choice (as there are so many great and important fundraisers and causes out there) …if you haven’t had a chance to think about what cause you’ll be donating to this year…Please consider donating a Food Hamper or even just a turkey to a local family in need. Every dollar counts and if we all pitch in, we can reach our goal and more importantly, help thousands of local families enjoy a Christmas dinner, just like we do.  Click the link below to learn more and thank you for taking the time to even read this post!