A lot of people feel that once Labour Day comes along, the real estate market changes.

It’s true… to a degree.

For instance, families who have to make decisions based upon where their children go to school are more likely to have tried to move before the school year begins. So, people with kids in school may very well decide not to sell or buy a house until the school year is done.

But otherwise, who’s really directly affected by Labour Day, when it comes to buying or selling a house?

Think about it…

There’s constantly:

  • People moving in and out of the area for job transfers. (Even if they have kids in school.)
  • People who are retiring and moving out of the area, or downsizing.
  • Newlyweds buying their first house.
  • Single people buying their first house.
  • Sadly, there are deaths, divorces, and desperate times that lead to people selling homes.

That list could go on for pages.

The point is, the real estate market may change more in some markets that are heavily dependent on seasonal sales (think resort / vacation areas). But, even in those areas, people buy and sell throughout the year.

But, in almost every area, it isn’t like Labour Day is the equivalent of the clock striking midnight and the market turns into a pumpkin until Spring.

Maybe there are minor adjustments. But the market doesn’t stop, or entirely turn into a buyer’s market or seller’s market overnight, just because it’s past Labour Day.

So, if you’ve been thinking about buying or selling, or are in the middle of it, don’t be concerned about what you might hear elsewhere. Just ask me, and I’ll help you figure out whether it affects you and your scenario at all.