It’s World Population Day and I came across some interesting statistics:

· The world’s population increases by approximately 83 million annually.

· Canada’s population has grown 5% since the last census in 2011.

· Yet two-thirds of the increase recorded in 2016 was due to net immigration into the Country, while the rest was from new births.

· The average Canadian household has 2.9 people in it…(And this has held true for over 10 years).

The relevant one here is average size of household…

Averages mean very little. As a Real Estate Broker, I deal with households of 1 person, on up to 10+.

Size of household doesn’t matter. However, size of the home does. One of the biggest reasons I help people sell their house is because the number of people in their household has outgrown the space within their home…

Too many people for too little space.

The reasons vary…

Could be because of having children. More children than expected. Growing children. Elderly parents moving in. A friend or relative who needs to call your home their home for whatever reason. Or, the house was always small, but was what they could afford when they bought it originally.

Whatever the reason, the thought and debate about moving happens well before just deciding to sell their house. It doesn’t usually just surprise someone. You see the need and grapple with it over time — usually deciding what to do once it becomes unbearable.

The debate is usually this:

“Should we add onto the house, or just move?”

The truth is, there’s no single answer to that. But there’s usually one answer that’s more “right” for each particular client.

Sometimes it’s better to just move than add on. Sometimes it makes more sense to add on.

The problem is, I often get a call after someone added onto their house. Or, I get a call from a client who’s decided to just sell their house once they’re way past the timeframe they have to deal with going through the whole process of adding on to their house.

And, sometimes, the other decision would have made better sense for that particular client and their particular situation.

But, it’s a bit too late for that debate at that point.

So always, always feel free to add me into the mix and discussion early on. As soon as you start debating whether to add on to your house, or simply sell and move, get me involved.

It’s my pleasure to help you figure out which makes more sense for you. It’s better and easier to do that, than to find out you had better options after the fact!