Today is International Left Handers Day. As usual, I’m going to twist this into some sort of real estate related thought. (No, I won’t be talking about left-handed door knobs, or household appliances…)

For many years, being right-handed was seen as, well, being “right”.

At this point, we know it’s pretty crazy to think of left-handed people as doing something wrong, or even being bad or evil. But for years, they were forced to do things right-handed.

Now we know there’s no “right” or “wrong”. There’s righty or lefty…

On one hand, you have right-handed people. On the other hand, you have left-handed peo…hooooold on. Wait a second. There’s also lefty and righty. There’s the ambidextrous. Some people are somewhere in between.

In real estate, there’s lots of decisions for people to make during the course of buying or selling a house.

And there’s rarely one absolutely “right” decision…

“Should I offer more for the house, or stick to my guns on price?”

“Should I accept this offer, or wait for a better one?”

“Should I list my house for this much, or that much?”

“ Should I agree to these terms, or…”

…and ultimately the decision is yours to make. But whatever decision you make will certainly have consequences. Not necessarily either good or bad consequences. Just consequences.

Which is where a great Real Estate Broker comes in. Not to make your decisions for you. Not to push you to make a decision. But rather to help you sort through the whole “On one hand / on the other hand” wrestling match, so you can decide which decision is best for you, throughout the many decisions you have to make when buying or selling a house.

The only thing I can say is the absolute right decision when you buy or sell a home is, you should make me your right-hand woman…I love helping my clients figure out the best decisions for their unique situation and choices.