I’m sure you don’t need another reminder that Daylight Saving Time is this weekend.

Like we even need a reminder to set our clocks anymore. Most of them adjust on their own nowadays anyway.

The hard part is adjusting ourselves!

Did we lose an hour, or gain an hour? Do I get to sleep in? Or, do I lose an hour of sleep?

And there’s always a good chance that we’ll slip up and oversleep, or simply show up an hour late, or an hour early, for something.

Not a big deal for the most part. You get into the swing of it in a day or two.

But what we see in real estate around this time can be a big deal…

Right around now is when the Spring market is just around the corner. It’s kind of here already, but not in full swing. Real estate agents are always on top of the shift and ready for it, because it’s our business. But to give an exact date that the Spring market begins, and set a clock to it is impossible.

Many homeowners and home buyers miss out on critical time and opportunities, because there isn’t really a formal reminder that Spring market is coming, and that you should plan accordingly.

Consider this your reminder…the Spring market is coming!

So, if you’re planning on buying this Spring, let’s start now.

If you’re considering selling this Spring, let’s get things rolling in the next couple of weeks.

Because you need to be in full swing already when the Spring market hits.

Jumping in mid-way through can hurt you. Other buyers have already gotten their bearings, and are jumping on the best houses and deals. And other sellers who are on the market at just the right time are the ones who get the best buyers in the market.

Give me a call, or just hit reply, if you’re thinking about buying or selling this Spring. Do it now. It’s time.