It’s National Tequila Day. There’s plenty of drinks you can make with tequila, but a lot of times, the first thing that comes to mind is a shot of tequila. A straight-up, fluid ounce and a half of tequila…
Back in 2016, Bill Murray (the famous actor) was the guest-bartender at the opening of his son’s bar. As the story goes, no matter what drink anyone ordered, he served them up a shot of liquor.
“I’ll have a martini…” (Gets a shot of vodka.)
“Gimme an old-fashioned…” (One shot of bourbon coming up.)
“I’m in the mood for a margarita.” (Here you go! One margarita, hold everything but the tequila…)
Basically, he served up what he could serve up easily…the most basic, single ingredient. He’s not a professional bartender. He’s a famous actor. No doubt, that was enough for most of the patrons that night. “You won’t believe who served me my drink at the bar last night!”
There’s a lot of that in real estate.
No, Realtors aren’t serving shots of tequila. Too often, Realtors are serving up the easiest, most basic, least-amount-of-ingredient service.
And, that’s not enough for most real estate patrons…
No client, house, or home search is the same. Every single one requires a Realtor® to be able to know how to make the proper “drink” for the situation.
And, just because a Realtor® may have an almost Hollywood-like persona doesn’t mean that they can or will serve the client the “drink” they want or request.
When it comes time to buy or sell your next house, I want you to give me a shot. I promise I’ll make sure to bring the right mix to the table for your wants and needs…and not just ride on my reputation.

P.S. Unlike shots of tequila…you won’t regret hiring me.