I’m not sure why other Realtors don’t recommend this…

A lot of first-time buyers end up having their parents, or another trusted loved one, come and see the home they’re in love with before making an offer on it.
Some even need them to come see the house, and even approve of the house, because they’re helping with the down payment or closing costs.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of that! You should involve the people who care about you, and want to give you their thoughts, advice, and blessings before you make such a huge decision.

But, you should probably include them in the process much earlier on than once you find the house you love and want to make an offer on.

Because there’s a lot you will see and find out about your choices and the market between now and then. Get them involved now.
In fact, you should even forward them the last email I sent you with all of the closed sales data!
A lot of Realtors cringe when parents or other loved ones start “butting in”. I love it. I expect it. I want and encourage it. But I feel they should be involved from day one if they’re involved at all.
Anyhow, just a quick tip I like to share with first-time buyers. Hope that makes your process better and easier!

P.S. If your parent or anyone else involved in your decision ever wants to chat with me, tell them to feel free to reach out. I’d be glad to speak with them about any of their questions or concerns.