With Saint Patrick’s Day here, I got to thinking about luck and selling your house.
When you sell your home, you’re going to want it to sell quickly and for the highest amount possible.
And when you decide to sell your home, your friends and family will probably wish you “good luck”.
Go ahead and accept their wishes graciously, but don’t rely on it.

The truth is, many people are lucky…

if their home sells quickly
or for the highest amount possible
or even at all.

Because they rely on luck, rather than a solid real estate agent, with a solid plan, and solid work ethic.
It’s easy for someone to become a real estate agent. It’s not so easy to last in this business.

And it’s even harder to become a great real estate agent who gets their clients homes:
…sold quickly
…and sold for top dollar.

Because it’s hard work.

I don’t rely on luck to get my clients homes sold quickly, or for the highest price. I rely on hard work and my 15+ years experience in the Real Estate industry.

I have love Samuel Goldwyn’s quote: “The harder I work, the luckier I get.”
It really sums up how I approach my career, and how I get the best results for my clients.

So, when it comes time to sell your home, don’t rely on luck…rely on me.